Back at it.

It is good to be back in Gulfstream. 

I am looking forward to taking the knowledge I learn from IACT315 Human Computer Interaction and applying to to SERV325 Technology and Services. The 325 end goal is to create a dashboard.

Let’s be great!  

What does service design have in common with Homer Simpson??? …absolutely nothing.

Mistrip - Travel industry + service innovation 

Mistrip offers you the chance to go on a surprise trip where the destination and itinerary are unknown.

Doblin’s 10 types of innovations

Understanding what innovation is according to Doblin (the design firm) and making sure new concepts are somehow falling in these categories is a very effective way to identify who is doing what and what needs to be done by other in very specific areas.

Here is an example of some major innovations in the fast food industry and how they are linked to Doblin’s 10 types of innovation and these really helped me come up with creative ideas for radical innovation in the fast food industry.

ACCID test

The ACCID testHelps analyze a brand in terms of its actual identity, communicated identity, conceived identity, ideal identity and desired identity.

Once these are well defined, we can immediately see gaps in the brand identity, brand delivery and brand perception. It is a very powerful tool that helps us come up with effective high level concepts immediately. Here is the ACCID test I did for Subway.

A very bad service encounter.

Yesterday I took a United flight out of Savannah. In my short existence on this planet I have been fortunate enough to actually travel a lot. This experience with United has been the WORST flying experience of my life. Here are some of the pain points:

  1. Inadequate announcement of delayed flight.
  2. Inability to contact flight staff in other airports.
  3. Extremely slow moving customer service line at a big airport(Washington), especially when every minute cunts for so many people.
  4. Inadequate training for many staff. They took almost half an hour to re schedule my ticket and even more for some others.
  5. Problems continued on the flight also: The business class lights could not be turned off so they had to travel with the lights on, during sleep time for SEVEN hours.
  6. Whole flight’s power was restarted over and over in an attempy to fix the business class light situation.

Overall, this seems to be a company that is barely held together.  I have rarely seen a high stakes player deliver this badly and as an overall service package it was very painful to get through and even watch.

First service blue print


This was the first ever service blue print that I made with the help of Prof. Bau and my team mate Hina. It helped me look at the whole service of subway from a broader view point and helped me identify pain points that later helped us come up with design solutions.

Please click on the link below to see pictures of my first blue print.

Story boards


Story boards from the first version of our fast food restaurant concept that later gave birth to the social dining service.

This was a productive prototyping technique for us and elped us build further on the idea.

Please click on the links below to view them.

Final poster for service audit of Fast food industry

Please click on the link to view my final poster for service audit of fast food industry.

Blue ocean strategy.

Blue ocean strategy is an excellent method to analyze what is being offered in an industry and things that can be offered to make a difference.

The ocean with the generic offerings is the one with many sharks and hence is a red ocean. The blue ocean is full of fish the sharks haven’t found out about yet or are unable to get to yet.

After going through the prescribed readings my team found the blue ocean strategy very  useful to make one of our strongest concepts. We were also able to expand it and make a green ocean, something that would exist in a utopian world.

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