Discovering Homelessness: Co-Creation Session 1

In this session, 17 participants representing various organizations that serve the homeless in Savannah joined us. our goals were to ‘discover,’ e.g., gain an understanding of homelessness in Savannah, from a homeless person’s point of view, as well as that of those who serve them. We also wanted to better understand the characteristics of the entry system, and of the services offered. The session was divided into two parts: an icebreaker, and a “day in the life” workshop, where after introducing personas of homeless individuals (symbolizing segments of the population), we asked everyone to give us their insights. Creating a storyline allowed the groups to extract details that our team was not aware of, and did not understand.

Some insights include:
• There is an opportunity for Savannah service organizations (congregational, non-profits, and governmental), to work together to create an coordinated entry system. This includes…
- A coordinated assessment system and database
- The coordination of services so that they are more easily navigable
• We should adopt best practices from other communities and organizations, such as 100,000 Homes,, and Nashville Tennessee.

In the next session we are planning to further ‘define’ the problem(s), and to begin ‘developing’ solutions.

What does a kid really want in a museum? 

When I look back on my eight year old days, I remember feeling a little repulsed by museums. The idea of visiting museums as a kid has negative connotations in my mind; I had to learn about things I didn’t really care about at the time, my back would start to ache, I couldn’t run around, I had to…

co-creation #1 


As the first team to organize a co-creation session, we (Aniela, Yuri, and Charlotte) believe that overall, it went great. The way we organized the session for discover part of the double diamond was divided into three parts: an introduction of the desktop research we had done, an icebreaker to…

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Possibilities at the Georgia State Railroad Museum 

The Green Mamas are currently at work on developing concepts through our ideas to improve the quality, the experience and the services at the Georgia State Railroad Museum.

We came up with 50 ideas to optimize the experience. image

And 50 ideas to radically transform the museum. Even small…

Optimizing and Transforming 


For our concepts, we decided to go with our personas that we have been studying so that we can optimize the experience for the users we are each most familiar with. I consequently was assigned with Joe the Old Timer, so I am focusing on maximizing the historical appeal of the Rail Road Museum in…

Currently creating a storyboard to depict the scenes in our video that will display the cross over of four economies (experience, creative, connected, and sustainable). The story follows a dream from a student that has fallen asleep during a discussion about these economies in class and takes you into a dream world. I sketched these out for our team to help create a rough draft of this story


While doing an assesment in B-Lab, you can always refer to the “Best Practices” button, which takes you to a screen that gives you examples and a link to a abiding company for this best practice. Here’s one that trains new employees on the relationship between their business and the farms that supply them

After getting permission by B-Lab, we are submitting imaginary companies for assessment.

Team RedEx working on affinitizing and coming up with service packages for the savannah history museum.


I really did not know what to expect for the first Co Creation session. The whole idea of an ice breaker seemed a bit strange to me, but I feel as if it went really well. I thought the ice breaker was very useful because although maybe it went a bit longer than expected, it was just what we needed to be able to question some of the people visiting from important organizations. I believe I received many new insights, and realized how this is possible to narrow down into an issue to creatively suggest solutions for eventually. I believe the weather was a factor in not having the expected amount of guests show up, but I still think we have some very important people that only helped with our discovering phase. I am excited to get into Co Creation 2 already considering we already know what to expect in a way, and have more of a narrowed down idea of defining the problem. 

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