Best Buy Research (Contrast Between Vacuum and Fitness Gear)

First of all, I must ask this question “who buys vacuum cleaner from Best Buy”? Best Buy is definitely not a go-to place to think when thinking about getting a vacuum. Fairly enough, the place where Best Buy sells vacuum is placed in the back of the store where people are not likely to pass. Regardless, the employees were knowledgeable about the products they sell. 

Fitness wearable devices on the other hand, was placed in the center of the store where you can’t miss. Definitely, the trend of popularity shifting to wearable devices have taken effect in Best Buy’s decision on product placement. There was a small display showing promotional video of the product and visual aids to help the buyers understand what each device does.

Overall, fairly pleasant experience. They were swift in exchange/refund process, point of sale was nearly hassle free. As the second half of the quarter pans out, we will discover more things to enhance the service offered by Best Buy.

As we wrap up the museum service product…

Savannah is a great city with rich history, there are definitely a vast number of opportunities that can be discovered in designing service for the Georgia State Railroad Museum. From interior to exterior design, sometimes through visual rebranding and reorganizing the flow, our group saw implementations that could be done to improve the quality/variety of the services they offer.

Of course, the ideas are nothing short from being mere conceptual designs, but hopefully one day I will be able to visit this museum after thorough renovation to fully experience the richness of what this museum could offer.

Entrepreneur Chat Session 


This past class we were given the opportunity to sit and talk with entrepreneurs in the Savannah area. This meeting was set up through the Creative Coast, located here in Savannah. The Creative Coast is a developing environment of creative and innovative driven individuals striving to make their…

Join us for some mapping in the Student Center (Montgomery/State) SATURDAY at 2PM 

Join us for some mapping in the Student Center (Montgomery/State) SATURDAY at 2PM 

Business Planning Tools for Nonprofit Organizations


Currently in SERV421 my team and I are developing a service business plan and are considering structuring as a non-profit (NPO) and came across a resource from SCORE on just that - “Business Planning Tools for Nonprofit Organizations.” It’s full of high-level and in-depth information and resources, take a look if it might be something useful for a project you’re working on or if you just have a minute; Link Bellow.

Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers.

Being a service design major I get asked on the daily what my major is or what it stands for. I often times find myself struggling with how to describe such a complex idea. Most of the time I just tell them to google it because now as second year student I have had to explain it way too many times. So I decided to google service design myself to see what it is  I have been telling people to read. I think the definition is good and I am sure other service designers struggle with this as well so here a helpful definitions for everyone.

Best Buy Adventures

For our next project in Serv 216 the blue team got assigned blenders and game consoles. We arrived to the store and easily found the appliances section, which was kinda a no mans land. We decided to ask the employees how often people buy blenders and they said very frequently, because “juicing”is the new and up coming thing. All of the blenders were mixed up with price range and special qualities. They were all displayed well however with descriptions as well. However the gaming section was organized even better. For each game console the area was a certain color. Xbox green, Play Station blue, etc. Also for each gaming device you could easily find all the parts and games near too. This really helps the service and the beginnings on the customer experience. 

Week 5

Half way through the quarter and now we know what Service is mostly about. The pressure is definitely on if you compare who much time we had for the museum and for every aspect of the presentations. But know that we kind of know how to do them, its all compressed on to one week! We will definitely have some long working hours ahead but hopefully this time we can fix our mistakes and turn in maps and diagrams that from our mistakes we learned to generate. The museum project was fun to do as we had an interesting client, but towards the end we did feel the difference of having a relative good service towards having one that simply is bad in every aspect. By seeing the other groups we could see the difference but still made the best of it and turned in great concepts and solutions that could by applied to the current museum under a not so expensive budget. 

For the second part of the quarter my group and I got assigned the video games and blenders in Best Buy. For sure it was much fun to look at the video games and the different types of people that were in this area. By being a fly on the wall we were able to come up with personas. But then when it was time for the blenders we definitely found some pain points and things that need to be improve. Starting with the display, the location they have in the store, the service by Best Buy’s staff, among several others. We are excited to start a new project but we know we have a lot to go through before we come up with the presentation. 

We had out second co-creation meeting on Friday the 17th of October. We had Barbra and Holly join us from GRSP office in savannah and Lynn through a conference call. We further analyzed the blueprint to identify opportunities and pain points for the service and came up with some possible solutions to help better their system. Xandra baked some coconut clusters that kept us energized and attentive as we discussed their website and talked about re structuring the information to make it easier to understand. Overall it was a good meeting and helped us understand the GRSP system better. Looking forward to discussing text next step.

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